How Gradual-Pressure Compression Socks Ended My Diabetic Neuropathy

By Dottie Brown | June 06, 2023 | 12:35 PM PST

I’ve always been active and take good care of myself.

So during a regular doctor visit, I was shocked at my test results.

“Dottie, your A1C has shot way up. You’re at 9.6. You’ve gone from being prediabetic to full-on Type 2 Diabetic in less than 6 months. Can you tell me what’s happening in your life?”

My heart dropped.

I’m at the same weight I was in high school at 61.

I eat an immaculate diet.

And I play tennis 4-5 times a week.

“How can I have diabetes?!?!”

But my nightmare had only just begun.

About 3 months later…

I went to bed feeling… off.

My body was really struggling to handle Metformin…

The prescription drug my doctor put me on.

It made me constipated and constantly nauseous.

But when I woke up the next morning…

My feet were burning and tingling.

At first, I thought I must have slept wrong.

Not the case.

Hours went by, and my feet were throbbing with pins and needle sensations.

My first day with Neuropathic pain was unsettling... to say the least.

“Just go away! Please!” was the only thing going through my mind.

“This can’t be my new thing I have to live with. This can’t be my life!”

A few days went by.

Then a few weeks.

Then a few months.

I was dealing with Neuropathy in my feet 24/7.

My daughter needs me.

She’s had to work a 9-5 job since losing her restaurant during the Pandemic.

Her livelihood depends on me.

As my Neuropathy kept getting worse…

I couldn’t be there to help my daughter and granddaughter.

That was the last straw.

I needed to find a way off of Metformin and get my Neuropathy under control.

“No more prescription BandAids!”

I spent over 2 weeks looking for different solutions.

In those 2 weeks, I spent a small fortune on supplements, physical therapy, radical detoxing… everything I could think of.

To say it was frustrating would be a gross understatement.

On a particularly bad day, I was watching a YouTube video. A young, beautiful woman talked about her passion for becoming a professional soccer player.

But like me, she was dealing with early onset Neuropathy due to high A1C. And also like me, she took incredible care of herself.

She said, “After I listened to everyone’s bad advice, I took my life into my own hands. I ended up finding what are called gradual compression socks. They help our 2nd heart; the heart in our calf muscle pumps blood back up to the 1st heart. That helps the 1st heart get blood to all the dried up areas where nerves have become damaged.”

Compression socks?

They use special “graduated pressure” to help the 2nd heart (something I didn’t even know we have) to take pressure off our main heart.

In only 2 weeks, I’ve been able to go to sleep, and stay asleep for the first time in almost a year. 

And my Neuropathic pain? 

I’m only feeling it here and there. And it’s getting less every week.

Heck, it doesn’t matter why you’re dealing with Neuropathy, these special socks flood and repair our damaged nerves with fresh blood… no matter what’s behind your Neuropathy.

By the way…

If you’re wondering, “Why would I wear socks made for nurses?

The answer’s simple:

Nurses walk and sit for prolonged periods of time, stress their bodies and deleting healthy blood circulation. If it works for them, helping you is a no-brainer!

Try their gradual compression socks, and god-willing, you can get your life back just like I did.

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