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Super Nurse Compression Socks
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What do your compression socks do?

To put things simply, compression socks allow your blood to flow properly. What tends to happen when you're on your feet a lot— blood clots, blood pooling, spider veins etc. When you slip on your compression socks, the exterior pressure creates internal pressure. This pressure allows your blood to flow naturally back to the heart.

What are the benefits to compression socks?

Compression socks have a long list of benefits. They can help prevent and treat varicose veins, reduce leg and ankle swelling, cut down fatigue and alleviate soreness, and provide extra muscle and joint stability. 

Are compression socks right for me?

Our socks provide a 20-30mmHg amount of pressure. This is an ideal amount of pressure because it is not overbearing, like many above 40mmHg.

If you are a nurse, runner, teacher, or someone who deals with leg pain on the daily, a simple pair of our compression socks may do you wonders. With the perfect amount of pressure, you can experience pain relief almost instantly.

If you are someone who struggles with a pre-existing health condition, we strongly recommend consulting with a healthcare professional before trying out our socks. In some cases, compression socks can make symptoms worse.

Long days? Long Shifts? Annoying Leg Pain?

We got you covered. Quite literally. Find your ideal size for your new Nurse Yard Compression Socks