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Compression Socks for Nurses

When caring for patients, your socks should not take away your focus. Our compression socks for nurses provide support and prevent muscle and tendon pain. Other socks that fall or compress too tightly do neither.

Pregnancy Compression Socks

Pregnancy can be a magical and life-changing experience, but it can also be an uncomfortable one. That’s why Nurse Yard’s compression socks for pregnancy are here to relieve one of the most prominent pains women experience; foot and ankle soreness.

Wearing Compression Socks While Sleeping

If you often endure the pain of varicose veins or chronically suffer from cold feet at night, finding the right pair of socks could provide the relief you need. According to The Sleep Doctor, wearing regular crew socks to bed can help you fall asleep faster, stay asleep longer, and wake up less throughout the night. 

Do Compression Socks Help With Shin Splints?

Shin splints are a painful condition caused by inflammation in the muscles and other tissues around the shin bone in your lower leg. Though they often resolve themselves over time, athletes and those with active jobs—like nurses and service workers—don’t always have the opportunity to rest and allow their shin splints to heal.

Leg Pain and Compassion Fatigue

39% of nurses have quit in the last year or so...

There's no doubt we are facing a huge nurse shortage

And because of the shortage...

Workload has seriously increased for those of us who remain.

This means more running back and forth between patients

Which means more time spent on our feet

And more steps being placed each day.

The increase of our physical demand has taken a huge toll on our bodies and our mental health.

Tens of thousands of steps per day...

Pain slowly compounding...

And our brains under constant...