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Our Founder Story

My name is Jonathan and to be honest with you — I'm not a nurse. But I sure do know the struggles of being one. 


My sister is an RN in Phoenix, Arizona. And frankly, we are very close. She is easily my best friend, teacher, protector and role-model.

While growing up, I always looked up to my sister. I couldn't help my self but to be mesmerized by her dream of helping people. Her goals, ambitions, and work ethic always inspired me.

She was always there, working for her dream. First studying, now "in the front lines" literally saving lives everyday.

I even tried to become a nurse myself (did my pre-reqs and all), but sadly, something didn't click for me there. It wasn't quite the right thing for me.

Although I couldn't make it in the hospital, to fight diseases and death side-by-side with you, I still wanted to help.... somehow.

I noticed that after every long shift, my sister was always complaining about her legs. She kept telling me that her feet felt achy and swollen. And although she is pretty athletic, her legs also felt exhausted.

Time and time again she kept telling me that her leg pain was interfering with her job... and her life.

For the longest time, she refused to look for a solution. She'd always say "My patients way more on their plates than me. I just need to suck it up."

I knew that this bravado would lead to an eventual burn-out. So I started looking for a solution to her problem.

After days of intensive research, I came across compression socks. But there's a catch. Based on the online reviews and feedback from nurses, almost all of the compression socks already out there had at least 1 or 2 major flaws

I knew nurses needed something special. Something new that would fulfill every angle and desire required for their heavy workloads.

After a few months, I came up with the first pairs of Nurse Yard Compression Socks. My sister and some other nurses were kind enough to test them for a few weeks at work. The results were spectacular.

With their help we managed to create compression socks that are a 100% fit for nurses.

The Nurse Yard team is happy to announce that we helped over 150,000+ healthcare workers in the last 3 years. And the number is growing everyday.

What started as a small goal to help those around me, turned into something better than I'd ever imagined. Now, people all across the world are working pain-free.

Our mission is to help healthcare heroes like yourself work and come home pain-free — so that you can focus on saving lives without any distractions!

Thank you for reading, and we are honored to have you as part of the Nurse Yard Family.


Founder of Nurse Yard