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Leg Pain and Compassion Fatigue

39% of nurses have quit in the last year or so...

There's no doubt we are facing a huge nurse shortage

And because of the shortage...

Workload has seriously increased for those of us who remain.

This means more running back and forth between patients

Which means more time spent on our feet

And more steps being placed each day.

The increase of our physical demand has taken a huge toll on our bodies and our mental health.

Tens of thousands of steps per day...

Pain slowly compounding...

And our brains under constant tension...

What do you think it will lead to?


Are you familiar with the term compassion fatigue? 

Compassion fatigue literally means your compassion is exhausted.

This happens when you've given too much of it away and now it feels exhausting to give anyone some understanding...

And in our world of care, that's not something we want to happen.

Think of it like hitting an intensive sprint:

After it's done, how do you feel? Do you feel like running anymore?

(Chances are you feel exhausted and don't wanna run an inch again in your life)

That's what compassion fatigue feels like.

And chances are, due to the shortage of staff and the increase in our work demand...

Your compassion is fatigued.

But not only is your compassion fatigued, so are your legs and feet.

And the big issue here is that they are all connected.

The more we need to exert our bodies, the more we begin to deal with pain.

And because we begin dealing with leg and foot pain...

We're more likely to be fed up with everything — eventually leading to compassion fatigue.

Once we're at that stage, it can feel difficult to get out.

Everybody wants something from you (Patients, admin, colleagues, family, friends etc.)

Your plate is full!

But just when it feels like it can't get worse, you involuntarily add leg pain, leg swelling, bad sleep (due to the pain), and mental fatigue to your plate....

No bueno amigo.

The Good News

While you may not have control over the nursing shortage

Nor the chaos that goes on at work

You do have the control to work pain-free

And you can break the cycle that starts with pain, and ends with mental fatigue by taking care of your legs from the get-go! 

Yes, working free of aching legs, foot swelling, and other annoying issues is possible

And the solution to the pain is Nurse Yard Compression Socks

The healthier your body feels, the happier your mind will be

And you'll be able to handle things with a clear mind by not allowing pain to pollute your mind.

If you can get rid of the things that are draining your compassion in the background - you'll have enough compassion to deal with patients, colleagues, family and friends.

It's all a cycle that begins from your roots and works it's way up

And luckily, Nurse Yard Compression Socks are here to help you work pain free and avoid compassion fatigue

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