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Compression Socks for Neuropathy

Nurse Yard CORE

Compression Socks

$ 32.99 USD$ 32.99 USD
  • Arch Support

  • Graduated Pressure

  • Helps Prevent Varicose Veins

  • Reduces Leg and Ankle Swelling

  • Cuts Down Fatigue and Alleviates Pain

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Do you have constant discomfort in your legs and feet due to neuropathy? Whether you have diabetes or tarsal tunnel syndrome, we know the challenges associated with foot neuropathy can cause discomfort, including numbness, tingling, and nerve pain.

That’s where Nurse Yard’s compression socks for neuropathy come into play. 

Our compression neuropathy socks combat fluid retention and poor circulation, reducing inflammation and increasing blood flow. This process helps restore sensation to the feet and supports muscles, tendons, and veins to keep you pain-free and make walking a pleasure again. 

To learn more about how wearing compression socks from Nurse Yard can improve your neuropathy pain and make your days a breeze, check out our style options today!

The Difference in Nurse Yard’s Neuropathy Compression Socks

Most compression socks offer only what the name implies—compression. Nurse Yard does it differently to achieve foot pain relief. We know true comfort doesn’t begin and end with a single feature, so we designed our compression socks for neuropathy to be a true pleasure to wear. 

Before sewing a single sock, we created our design hack—a multi-faceted sock design intended to anticipate and address your needs. We started with a wave-knit fabric to deliver graduated pressure from knee to ankle. Next, we cushioned the ankles and added built-in arch support to comfort your feet and ankle joints. Finally, we added a knit cuff to keep socks in place so you’ll never have to adjust when you wear our compression socks. 

These features work together to support circulation and stability in your lower legs and feet, alleviating pain and discomfort to make walking easier and your days more enjoyable.

Risk Free 60 Day Guarantee

We proudly stand behind our product, which is why we offer a lengthy guarantee.

If for any reason you are not fully satisfied with your purchase, return it within 60 days of your purchase for a full refund.

Compression Details

20-30 mmHg of graduated pressure. The perfect balance of compression... Not too tight, yet not loose! The ideal amount of support.

Fabric & Care

Our socks are made of 80% Nylon + 20% Spandex. Recommended to air dry to prevent shrinkage and for a longer lasting sock. Wash cold. No fabric softener.

Common Questions about Compression Socks

How do compression socks help with neuropathy?

Neuropathy is caused by nerve damage in the legs and feet, which often causes unpleasant numbness, pain, or tingling. Other symptoms like varicose veins and diabetes can also cause peripheral neuropathy. These sensations may make walking difficult, causing you to feel unbalanced or unsteady while on your feet. 

Compression socks are an easy way to find relief from some of these neuropathy symptoms because they:

  • Support lower legs for better stability and balance
  • Protect against minor injuries and vein-related ulcers
  • Encourage better blood circulation to reduce pain and tingling
  • Support arches and protect feet from bruising and infection

What is Nurse Yard’s compression sock design hack?

Our design hack references specific design features we included to make our mild graduated compression socks for neuropathy symptoms among the most comfortable and effective on the market. 

These features include:

  • Graduated compression for better circulation
  • Roomier fit in the toes to let them breathe and prevent numbness
  • Supported arches to alleviate foot pain
  • Cushioned ankles to protect against chafing
  • No slip cuff for all-day comfort and pain-relief

How do I know what size compression sock to buy?

We offer a variety of sizes to accommodate as many people as possible. To determine which size will fit you best, measure around the widest part of your calf. Then, use that measurement plus your normal shoe size to find your ideal sock size on our chart. 

For instance, if you wear a women’s size 7 shoe and your calf has an 11-inch circumference, either S/M or L/XL will fit you. If you’re between sizes, keep in mind that choosing the larger size means you’ll have more room in the foot area. If you prefer a more form-fitting sock, choose the smaller option.

Do Nurse Yard’s compression socks come in different colors & sizes?

Yes! We have compression socks in men’s and women’s sizes from S/M to XXXL in a range of colors and prints. 

Our CORE series styles include:

  • Black: gray and silver design
  • White: gray and silver design
  • Blue: gray design with white toe and heel
  • Green: gray design
  • Orange: gray design with a black toe and heel
  • Pink: gray design with white toe and heel

We also offer a rotation of print options, including our latest HERO collection, featuring the following designs: 

  • Scrub Life: white with blue details and teal scrubs print
  • DNA: yellow with multicolored DNA strand print
  • Ambulance: teal with white ambulance print, orange toe, and heel

All styles are available in every size.

How tight are compression socks?

Nurse Yard’s neuropathy compression socks provide snug, supportive pressure without being overbearing. Our design hack creates graduated pressure from ankle to knee with the option for your preferred compression level: 

  • 30mmHg of firm pressure around the ankle
  • 25mmHg of moderate pressure through the calf
  • 20mmHg of mild pressure just below the knee

Graduated compression levels help increase blood flow, drain lymphatic fluids, and prevent inflammation. 

Where does Nurse Yard ship from?

Nurse Yard ships from our offices located in Phoenix, AZ, using USPS. 

How long does Nurse Yard shipping typically take?

Shipping typically takes between 3 and 5 business days, depending on how far you are from our facility in Phoenix, AZ. However, current events may cause shipping delays. If this happens, you’ll receive your socks in 5 to 11 business days.

We thank you in advance for your patience and understanding.

How Nurse Yard’s Compression Socks for Neuropathy Benefit You

Whether you’re always on the go or lounging is your favorite hobby, no one has time for neuropathy. Nurse Yards compression socks provide graduated pressure to encourage better blood flow circulation and reduce inflammation, which relieves pain and helps get rid of the irritating “pins and needles” feeling in your feet. 

Our compression socks also protect your feet and ankles with supported arches and cushioning around the joint. These neuropathy socks are so comfortable you may never want to take them off. 

If you’re ready for stylish, intuitively-designed symptom relief, check out Nurse Yard compression socks today. Order your first pair today for 70% off a second pair!

Nurse Yard CORE

Compression Socks

$ 34.65 USD$ 34.65 USD
  • Arch Support

  • Graduated Pressure

  • Reduces Leg and Ankle Swelling

  • Helps prevent and Treat Varicose Veins

  • Cuts Down Fatigue and Alleviates Soreness

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This is the color that the hole showed up in after 1 time wearing on one overnight shift.


Way too tight.


Too tight. Did not work out.


They did not fit.😔


Unfortunately I paid for compression socks that did not fit. They were impossible to put on and I ended up donating them. Unhappy customer.


Calf’s not wide enough


Super cute and functional too.


Wore these on a 15 hr plane ride. Previously, when I took the same flight, my feet would balloon up to the point where I couldn’t put my shoes on! This time, my feet stayed exactly the same. These were also so cute and comfortable that I didn’t need to peel them off immediately getting off the plane.